Why Family?

When God’s will, timing and way come together the promises of God in our nation comes to pass.

God’s will is for a new day in Czechia.God’s timing has come through the 400 year anniversary of the battle of the White Mountain. It is a kairos time. 

God’s way is to walk together as a family.

Why do we walk as a family? Family is the highest form of spiritual authority. Jesus taught us to pray to “our Father.” We are sons and daughters of God. We are the bride of Christ. We inherit as sons and we have access to God’s heart as the Bride of Christ. All of this imagery displays the heart of God to move through family. 

Family means you belong even if you don’t have a function. This is important because one of the main things hanging over Czechia is the orphan heart. Sons and daughters don’t need a function to belong in the family. No one can un-son you because you didn’t perform a function. 

As a family, we relate to one another in love and with the secure heart that flows from the love of our heavenly Father. We are not jealous of a sibling because their gain is our gain. Their victory is our shared victory. Their promotion is our promotion. God is not limited in the gifts and blessings He wants to shower on His kids. We do not need a position to receive these. We receive from God as children, not as those with a position or function. 

As a family, we do not compare and measures ourselves to equate value or worth. We know that each of us has a unique place in our Father’s heart and we see one another through this lens of equal value. God is good and He has good things for all His children. We are, each one of us, co-heirs of Christ and partakers of His Holy Spirit. Every person has something the Body of Christ needs and together we are His House. When we operate in who God has made us to be, we all benefit. The family thrives as each member walks in their God-given design. As a family, we encourage and build one another up into who we were made to be. We commit to walking together as a family, lifting each other up and calling forth the greatness God has put in every person. 

Our National Family

The Lord declared a New Day over Czechia and he is birthing a national family that is cross-denominational, multi-generational and represents regions throughout the whole country. There are many ministry leaders, pastors, intercessors, creative worshippers, artists, political leaders, business people, mothers, fathers, grandparents, children, young and old who are lovers of God in this family. 

This is a family—not a ministry, church or a network. Family is built on intimacy, love, vulnerability, authentic friendships and relationships as brothers and sisters that truly care for each other and that which concerns our heavenly Father.  Being a family is about being able to walk and journey together at a heart level in vulnerability, honor, forgiveness, patience, understanding and kindness towards one another. Family is not built on transaction, performance or function. It is believing the best about one another while joining our faith for the “impossible.” In the family there is a place for everyone and for a variety of gifts and callings. 

As a national family of followers of Jesus who are passionate to prepare Czechia to be a nation worthy to be called an inheritance of our Lord Jesus Christ, we believe that God has declared a New Day over Czechia. In response, we are passionate about entering this new day through preparing the way of the Lord in the nation and pursuing healing to the heart of Czechia. 

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