It is the privilege and responsibility of the people of God to bring healing, restoration, and transformation to their nations.
We believe that this is the Lord’s time for our nation. It is a new day for Czechia! We are in the divine Kairos time of the Lord.
As a national family of followers of Jesus, we are passionate to prepare Czechia to be a worthy inheritance of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to enter TOGETHER  into God’s promise of the “New Day.”

Why “National”

Most people are familiar with the gospel of salvation which is primarily centered around God’s love for the individual. The salvation of every person is immensely celebrated in heaven and there is a place in the body of Christ for those who are called to local and regional levels of transformation. 

The Gospel of the Kingdom, however, can only be fully manifested in national (rather than a local or regional) transformation. When Jesus gave us the Great Commission in Matthew 28.19-20, He commissioned us to make disciples of nations. This could be translated a number of ways, but included in these is to disciple a nation as a whole, not solely on an individual and local level.  

God’s heart and intent towards creation is to show His goodness and blessing. Since the beginning of man, God has been looking for friends through whom he could bless the nations. He found Abraham and through him He wanted to build a nation that would stand as a model for others to follow.  Abraham and his descendants became a prosperous nation, later known as Israel, within the land of Egypt. Though the nation of Egypt was one of the wealthiest of its time, it was not successful because of God’s ways. We know that anything built upon something other than God’s ways will not stand the test of time. After oppression and 400 years of slavery in the land of Egypt, Abraham’s descendants, the nation of Israel, were delivered from Egypt through the prophet Moses. God met Moses face to face on the mountain and showed him His ways, giving him a manual which included revealing the ways of God in how a president or prime minister would govern and run a nation.

What God gave Moses reveals the ways of God for every sphere of society to be transformed and to prosper. Israel begins to build the nation from a national level until God’s dream of a model nation comes to fruition through the reign of Solomon. The Queen of Sheba testifies of God’s great love for Israel by witnessing the way Solomon has run the country with the excellence of God’s ways from the micro to macro level details (1 Kings 10.9). By seeing how a nation could thrive under God, every nation had the opportunity to turn to God and flourish.

After centuries of God sending prophets to bring the nations back to being led by His ways, the nations rejected God, and He broke His covenant with all the nations (Zechariah 11:10).

When God looks upon a nation, he sees a corporate person. In both Exodus 19.6 and 1 Peter 2.9, God refers to Israel and then followers of Jesus as a holy nation. The Body of Christ, also a corporate person, is a similar concept. All throughout the scriptures, God speaks to nations through the prophets. Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Nehemiah, etc all prophesy to nations. 

After God broke His covenant with the nations, He spoke of a Shepherd that would come and restore the covenant with the nations and would be betrayed by 30 pieces of silver. This Shepherd, our Lord Jesus Christ, came and preached the Gospel of the Kingdom, not of salvation.  When Jesus was in Jerusalem he announced, ”I am the good shepherd.” All the Jewish people of the day would have thought of Zechariah 11. Jesus was then betrayed by 30 pieces of silver, just as was prophesied. He died, was raised and before He ascended to heaven he told the disciples, “Go and bring the nations back to me. I established a new covenant during the last supper and they belong to me, just as David said in Psalm 2, they are my inheritance and my Father gave them to me. The day is coming when I will judge the nations, some on my right and some on my left, some as sheep, some as goats.” 

Jesus addressing the disciples He sent was a prophetic picture of the sending messengers to nations so that every nation would be His inheritance. 

History progresses. According to Jesus’ Great Commission, the disciples dispersed to the nations. Thomas went to India, Mark went to Egypt, Andrew went to Russia, Peter went to Rome, John went to Ephesus, etc. 

Then In the book of Revelation, John saw that the leaves of the trees would be healing not for individuals but for the nations. As co-heirs of Christ, we will rule and reign with Him, not over individuals, but over nations (2 Tim 2.12; Rev 20.4-6). 

In light of these biblical foundations, Novy Den’s vision and mission is the transformation of the Czech nation from a national level, not on local or regional levels.