Why “National”

Most people are familiar with the gospel of salvation which is primarily centered around God’s love for the individual. The salvation of every person is immensely celebrated in heaven and there is a place in the body of Christ for those who are called to local and regional levels of transformation. 

The Gospel of the Kingdom, however, can only be fully manifested in national (rather than a local or regional) transformation. When Jesus gave us the Great Commission in Matthew 28.19-20, He commissioned us to make disciples of nations. This could be translated a number of ways, but included in these is to disciple a nation as a whole, not solely on an individual and local level. More >>


Our History – biblical

What does it take to bring healing to a nation? How is one’s country transformed? Throughout the scriptures, God says that no matter what takes place in a nation, He will always keep for Himself a remnant of people who remain faithful to Him. No matter the tumultuous circumstance of a country, there is no place that God cannot redeem, heal and set free when the remnant rises up and cries out to God.

In Joel 2, Israel was experiencing a series of judgments that ravished the land. They blew the trumpet and sounded the alarm for the people of the nation to hear. In 2 Chronicles 7.14, God calls “My people”- those called by God’s name. Throughout the scriptures and across history God has always kept some of His people set apart for Himself. This company of set-apart people were moved by His Heart and they acted as hinges upon which God changed the course of history (His-Story). In the Bible, they were called the Levites, Nazarites, Remnant, Prophets, Apostles, Disciples, Lovers of God, Followers of Jesus, Followers of the Way, those who stand in the gap, the first fruits etc. Like in the times of prophet Elijah God has kept to Himself seven thousand who have NOT been contaminated by falsehood. So it is in every generation, in every nation just as it was in the times of Elijah so it is now.

Deuteronomy 32.20 also reveals a powerful spiritual principle in the midst of battle or trouble, that when we gather together, there is power and synergy in the spirit. One person puts 1,000 to flight, but two have victory over 10,000! Jesus turned the world upside down with 12 apostles. Surely we, as those called by His name can call upon the name of the Lord and see healing and transformation in our land. When the remnant of God, those called by God, come together, we become like the hinges of a large door. It only takes a few to turn the whole door and change the history of a nation. More >> 


Why Family?

When God’s will, timing and way come together the promises of God in our nation comes to pass.

God’s will is for a new day in Czechia.God’s timing has come through the 400 year anniversary of the battle of the White Mountain. It is a kairos time. 

God’s way is to walk together as a family.

Why do we walk as a family? Family is the highest form of spiritual authority. Jesus taught us to pray to “our Father.” We are sons and daughters of God. We are the bride of Christ. We inherit as sons and we have access to God’s heart as the Bride of Christ. All of this imagery displays the heart of God to move through family. 

Family means you belong even if you don’t have a function. This is important because one of the main things hanging over Czechia is the orphan heart. Sons and daughters don’t need a function to belong in the family. No one can un-son you because you didn’t perform a function. More >>


Executive team:

Andrea Haines, Eva Bradnová, Ester Zajícová, Jennifer Alexander

Leadership council for spiritual direction:

Jennifer Alexander – project manager
Eva Bradnová – international relations officer
Jiří Čihulka – pastor of My Father’s House, Board member of the Prophetic Movement Orli ČR (Eagles of the Czech Republic)
Ramses Girgis – encouragament ministry
David and Markéta Kafka – David: Apostolic church preacher and teacher, co-iniciator of the platform Česko patří Bohu (Czechia belongs to God), Markéta: worship team leader
Michael Koch – GIF community leader
Tomáš and Blanka Krajník – Tomáš: pastor of a KS (Christian Fellowship) church; member of the North Bohemian Pastoral Council and a Board member of Isachar Association; Blanka: an essential component to it all
Nikolaus Lobkowicz
Jan a Ulrika Novák
Vladimír and Maribel Obršlík
Pavel and Petra Plchot – CB (Czech Bretheren church) preacher/pastor; leader of the Unit for Renewal of CB churches; 
Chairman of the Association Návrat domů
Miloš and Eva Poborský – Miloš: Director of the Evangelical Theological Seminary
Jan Poláčik – leader of BrnoWorship
Jiří and Soňa Rauchfuss – leader of a CBH (Apostolic church) mission station, iniciator of the Česko patří Bohu (Czechia belongs to God) iniciator
Jan Selnekovič – preacher/pastor of Jednota bratrská (Unity of Brethren) church
Hany and Jeannie Soryal – Hany – facilitator
Petr and Vlasta Šimmer – Petr: Pastor/preacher emeritus of CB (Czech Bretheren church) in Litvínov; member of  the Executive Board of the Christian Mission Society; Vlasta: housegroup leader; coordinator of the ecumentic community in Litvínov
Bohuslav Zapadlo – member of the leadership team of the Prophetic Movement Orli ČR (Eagles of the Czech Republic)
Martin Zelenay – leader of BrnoWorship

Česko, je nový den Association Executive Board: Eva Bradnová, Andrea Haines, Nikolaus Lobkowicz

Prayer and Intercessory team coordinator:
Eva Václavíková

Dance team coordinator:
Petra Macáková 

Worship team coordinator:
Magdaléna Šobáňová 

Friends and supporters of Nový Den:
Miloš Kačírek, Petr Kácha, Dominika Konečná, David Loula, 
Radek and Jana Palacký, Jakub Sadílek