National Gathering 2021 - Inheritance

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Předprodej akce

Come and stand with us before God the Father on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the execution of 27 Czech lords.

We believe that it is time to redeem this and other national traumas and that the Lord wants to complete our healing so that we can be good stewards of our national heritage which He has entrusted to us.

The story of the prodigal son who upon his return home received a ring, cloak, and shoes from his Father shows us that God wants to entrust us – His children – previous things. So we desire to stand before His face as His sons and daughters and receive what He gives us – both as individuals and as a nation. We will also focus on healing our relationship towards authorities and our ability to stand well in authority.

The national team prepared an outline of the gathering, however our priority is to listen to God and do what He tells us. It is not a conference or teaching event but a meeting of all those willing to stand before the Lord, seek His face in worship and let the Holy Spirit guid them. 
Therefore, only the beginning of the event is given – Friday 17 September 2021 17:00. The end on Friday is not fixed but of course everyone is free to leave as you need. The beginning of Saturday’s programme will be announced on Friday evening and on our social media (Facebook,,, Ends on Saturday again by 24:00.

Programme for children (from about 5 years old) as well as a room for parents with small children where you will be able to listen to the programme in the main hall will be provided. There will also be many nice surprises.
We look forward to seeing you at the Vinohrady National House on Friday, September 17th. 2021 from 17:00.

Personal invitation from Hany Soryal

It is a NEW DAY! Jesus declared in my dream!

Since this dream in the spring of 2017, I was filled with passion to share this message of hope to every Czech Christian that I could reach!

As a result the remnant in the nation rose up to stand in the gap like hinges upon which God can shift the course of history for Czechia. Last fall we got together as ONE family – His Family, Catholics and Protestants of all kinds, from all corners of the nation joined their hearts to stand before God, our Father, for the sake of the nation. We contended that God would not leave the nation orphan but redeem the nation, that Czechia would be a nation worthy to be called the inheritance of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord heard our request! God, our Father declares that He is HOME in Czechia. Papa is Home! Papa is Home in Czechia!

This year on behalf of the national team I want to personally extend an invitation to you to join YOUR spiritual family who is willing to stand before God, our Father, to contend for the inheritance of sons and daughters. You have an inheritance and in the spirit of sonship/daughtership will once again stand in His presence to receive it. Please come and stand with us and join your heart with our hearts.Enough is enough. Czechia is no longer an orphan nation. If no longer orphans now it is time for inheritance. 

This is not a conference or a one man show.
This is not a seminar or training. This is a sacred national assembly for all those lovers of God and followers of Jesus to stand before God our Father and reverse the damage that has been inflicted on Czechia 400 years ago. If you want to receive your God-given blessings and inheritance, come and join us. Come as you are imperfect and messed up just like the rest of us – His sons and daughters.

Come and stand with us not just to receive your personal blessing but also to see the birth of not just a new day now but a NEW Czechia.This is a historical time. Never again and never before has come such a kairos time of the 400 years where history can be redeemed and a new book is opened for a new Czechia. 

Take part of this historical moment and join us in writing the opening chapter of the new Czechia that the next generations will witness.
It is a new day!

It is a new Czechia!

Hany Soryal
On behalf of the national team.