Banquet Tables

This vision and activity is carried mainly by David Kafka from Ústí nad Labem and Jiří Rauchfuss from Roudnice nad Labem with their team. Here are their words:

In 2022, we strongly perceived that God is calling His people to a table and we began to put this vision into practice.

People from different congregations within the same city and its surrounding area gather regularly around a table to share food and fellowship. Everyone brings something nice to eat to honour their brothers and sisters. At the same time, everyone brings to the table something that will enrich others spiritually.

The banquet table also include time for praise and worship, sharing God's word and testimonies, sharing people's lives, discovering each other's calling..., all in the full diversity of the Body of Christ. At the foundation of everything that happens is always the Lord Jesus.

We do not primarily meet to plan an event or to solve a problem; the meeting around the table is to facilitate deeper relationships.

Relationships are formed as people listen to the voice of each other's heart (though often very different from their own). These individual relationship threads then form a net that is so very important for any "catch". Did not the Lord Jesus Himself say, "Behold, I will make you fishers of men"? To do this, our nets need to be washed and mended regularly, which is what happens at the banquest tables.

If you would like to organize a banquet table in your city,
we are here to support you.

We will teach you how to run the event, help you to organize the first one and establish regular meetings.
We can also support the connection between individual city tables or offer virtual couching.