Our History – biblical

What does it take to bring healing to a nation? How is one’s country transformed? Throughout the scriptures, God says that no matter what takes place in a nation, He will always keep for Himself a remnant of people who remain faithful to Him. No matter the tumultuous circumstance of a country, there is no place that God cannot redeem, heal and set free when the remnant rises up and cries out to God.

In Joel 2, Israel was experiencing a series of judgments that ravished the land. They blew the trumpet and sounded the alarm for the people of the nation to hear. In 2 Chronicles 7.14, God calls “My people”- those called by God’s name. Throughout the scriptures and across history God has always kept some of His people set apart for Himself. This company of set-apart people were moved by His Heart and they acted as hinges upon which God changed the course of history (His-Story). In the Bible, they were called the Levites, Nazarites, Remnant, Prophets, Apostles, Disciples, Lovers of God, Followers of Jesus, Followers of the Way, those who stand in the gap, the first fruits etc. Like in the times of prophet Elijah God has kept to Himself seven thousand who have NOT been contaminated by falsehood. So it is in every generation, in every nation just as it was in the times of Elijah so it is now.

Deuteronomy 32.20 also reveals a powerful spiritual principle in the midst of battle or trouble, that when we gather together, there is power and synergy in the spirit. One person puts 1,000 to flight, but two have victory over 10,000! Jesus turned the world upside down with 12 apostles. Surely we, as those called by His name can call upon the name of the Lord and see healing and transformation in our land. When the remnant of God, those called by God, come together, we become like the hinges of a large door. It only takes a few to turn the whole door and change the history of a nation.

When the trumpet is blown and the gathering is planned, will anyone show up? Who will come? Everyone seems so busy with their own lives, families, etc. God tells us in Psalm 110.3, that people will willingly come in the day of God’s power. There is nothing that will keep someone God has called from coming. No tiredness, other activities, or distractions- nothing will keep a willing heart from heeding the call of God on that day. We need only to be faithful in trumpeting the call and leave the drawing of the people to the Holy Spirit. To those who hear, their hearts will be softened and they will respond.

As those who are called by the Lord gather, we follow God’s prescription in 2 Chronicles 7.14 for the healing of nations,  If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” (NKJV) This is the foundation for our regional and national gatherings. Coming humbly together before God, we inquire of Him and seek Him for our land. We commit to do what He says. Whatever wicked ways He reveals within us, we repent for on behalf of a nation as Daniel and the prophets did. Embedded in this passage is our promise- It is impossible for God not to respond to the humble cries and repentance of His people. He WILL HEAR from heaven, He WILL FORGIVE our sin and He WILL HEAL our land.

 In our inquiring of the Lord, we remember the story of David when Saul was already influenced by demons and there was no rain in the land. David sought the Lord to ask why this was happening (2 Sam. 21.1). What was the consequence of such suffering in Israel? God told David it was because Saul violated his agreement with the Gibeonites and thus there was an economic crisis and famine in the land with no rain for years. Once David had the key, the cause of the suffering, he could address it and bring restoration.

Like David, we ask God for the Gibeonite Key – one or two things that brought a curse or judgment on the land. We ask God what is the Gibeonite key for the nation.

The early church in Acts 13 took a page from King David’s book and gathered together to minister to the Lord. During their adoration to the King, God gave them divine strategy. David experienced this many times. He was a singing theologian. The depth of revelation that He had of God often came in the midst of him giving God thanks and praise. God releases the spirit of wisdom and revelation in our midst when we are fascinated with the heart of our King. He cannot help Himself. He loves when we talk to Him, sing to Him, and thank Him. We are His children. We move His heart with our loving adoration, just as children move the heart of their parents when they give them “the look” and say, “Daddy, can I have this?” God will not resist the pure of heart and an honest request. It’s His great pleasure to give us every good and perfect gift from above.

When we come together, we cast our crowns to the feet of Jesus just as they did in coming before the Throne of God in Revelation 4. Whatever passions, agendas, the busyness of life or desires we carry, we lay them down at the feet of Jesus to hear His voice afresh for our time together on behalf of our nation. We lay down our hopes, expectations, and submit ourselves before our Beautiful God, so that our hearts are open to hearing how He wants to move and we commit to obey what He says.

We believe that Czechia is the inheritance of our Lord Jesus Christ. David heard a conversation around the throne room of God when Father God tells Jesus to ask Him for the nations as an inheritance. We, as God’s people have the privilege to partner with the Father in answering Jesus’ prayer by preparing our nation to be a resting place for the King, an inheritance of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our History – Czechia

Czechia has a rich history of men and women who have stood against all odds to not only remain faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ but have boldly taken up the cross of Christ to trumpet the ways of God in their land.

The Gospel was brought to the Czech lands by Methodius and Cyril in the 800s. They are credited as the apostles to the Slavic tribes. These foreigners came to bring us the good news, just as there are many in our land today that trumpet the call of God in Czechia, believing that this nation is the inheritance of our Lord Jesus’ Christ (more on Wikipedia).

Jan Hus (1372-1415) was a church reformer seeking to restore what had gone awry in the church in his day. His influence spread throughout Western Europe. As one of Charle’s University’s foremost leaders, he impacted the future leaders of the nations who were trained in Prague. Hus is perhaps most known for standing up for truth and justice, even until death (more). 

Jan Amos Komenský (1592-1670) was a man of great virtue, intelligence, and creativity. He is credited for being the father of modern education through his innovative thought and ideas. He served as a bishop in the Unity of the Brethren, after which he became a religious refugee. Komenský influenced leaders, governments, and schools throughout Protestant Europe during the days of his life. He ensured textbooks were written in the Czech language instead of Latin, preserving both the history and identity of the Czech people. In calling attention to the importance of learning over time and critical thinking instead of memorization, among other things, Komenský transformed education as we know it to this day (more).

Escaping religious persecution, a group of Moravians (1722) fled to Germany and were welcomed by Count Nikolas Zinzendorf. There, the Moravians established a community they called Hernhut. Though it was a rocky start, after the community received heart understanding of the biblical commandment to love one another, their fellowship grew and bore fruit like never before. The Moravians established 24.7 prayer that lasted for 100 years and founded many cities around the world in which the key-value of loving one another was practically lived out. Missionaries were sent all over the world, whose impact is still felt across the globe. Many gave their lives and some even sold themselves into slavery so that others could hear the gospel. With such fortitude and perseverance, we have much to be grateful for in our heritage (more). 

Our history is not just in centuries past. Heaven will tell the stories of those whose voices were hidden or silenced by oppressive regimes and persecution. Part of our modern-day story includes men and women whom God encountered in the 1980’s and began movements throughout Czechia igniting the power of the Holy Spirit across the land.

We would be amiss to leave out the many, many, many grandparents, mothers and fathers who have sown decades of prayer and love in the nation, of which we are now reaping a harvest in this Kairos time. No generation stands alone. We build upon one another so the next can go further than the last. Though their names may not be known by people, we know their names are celebrated and known in heaven. We honour those who have gone before us. We thank them. We will take what they have given us and go further. Our children will live in a land that knows and loves the Lord Jesus Christ in greater measures than we did. We take the baton!

Our Story  New Day

We honour what God has done in the past and we take the baton and as Isaiah said in chapter 43, verse 19, we look forward to the new thing that God is doing in our land. Where there was no way and where dry land has been, a new path and fresh waters will come to cause dry lands to flourish once again. This is the beginning of our New Day story…

God has been stirring hearts across Czechia that He is about to do a new thing in the nation. Long awaited hopes of transformation are about to be fulfilled. Jesus is coming. We are in a Kairos time. God has sent a foreigner in our midst to testify and encourage us in this new day.

As a young Coptic Christian growing up in Cairo, Egypt, Hany Soryal was influenced by a monk who wrote books that had an emblem of a lamb with a chalice on it. Unbeknownst to him at the time, this was the symbol of the Moravian brothers. This same monk was used by God in 1991 to ignite a revival in Egypt, during which Hany experienced a profound outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Shortly after this revival, he moved to Canada where in 1998, he had a face-to-face encounter with our Lord Jesus. Since that time, he has had desire to serve God and His people. For years he served the Lord as an itinerant minister and as the pastor of a small community, to love, encourage, train and equip the Lord’s family to discern God’s voice and His ways, and to follow Him with their whole hearts. Hany was part of Morningstar ministries (Rick Joyner) from 1999 to 2001 then Streams Ministries (John Paul Jackson) from 2001 to 2004.

In 2004, the Lord began to show Hany and Jeannie, his wife, His love for the nations and He commissioned them to focus on the healing of Québec, the heart of Canada. After four years of labour across the province, in 2008, they saw a miraculous transformation of the political landscape in the Canadian government as a result of addressing Quebec’s historical wounds of betrayal, abandonment and the orphan heart. Through this experience, they learned that it is the privilege and responsibility of God’s people to bring healing, restoration, and transformation to their nations.

In the fall of 2014, the Lord connected Hany to Czechia through divine encounters with Moravian Christians and shortly thereafter instructed them to move to Moravian Falls, North Carolina, USA. They did not, at that time, know the history of Czechia. However, the Lord opened the door for them to live in a lovely home, strategically placed at the top of the highest mountain in the region. The address of the home was 1621 — the very date (unbeknownst to them at the time) of the beheading of the 27 Czech lords, which was so significant in the history of Czechia. Their time on that mountain was the hardest of their lives. In many ways, it seemed the Lord permitted them — in a micro way — to prophetically experience many of the betrayals that Czechia has experienced as a nation. They were placed there like watchmen to pray.  It was as if they lived in the Czechia by extension, in the Spirit — though they did not understand this at the time.

During a visit to Czechia in 2015, Hany was walking through a museum in Moravia and saw the same emblem he had grown up with, the lamb and the chalice. He thought this was an Egyptian symbol and asked how this Egyptian influence came all the way to this small town in Moravia. His Moravian friends shared with him that this emblem originated with the Moravians and it is also carved into the tomb of Count Zinzendorf in Herrnhut. It was then that things began to click more deeply for Hany that his whole life continued to connect him to the nation of Czechia. The monk that he read books by and was impacted by, was actually influenced and blessed by the Moravian people. Hany’s destiny is, again and again, confirmed to be linked to the Czech people.

In the past five years since the Soryal’s moved to Moravian Falls, they have had the joy and privilege of getting to know many fine leaders in Czechia. During this time, the Lord has impressed upon them that Europe is in crisis and that He considers Czechia and Slovakia to be two chambers of the heart of Europe. This is significant to the Soryal’s as they had already seen God bring transformation to a whole nation by first bringing healing to its heart. God has a plan for Europe that begins with Czechia.

After building friendships in Czechia for a couple years, Hany had a dream where God was asking him to commit to the nation on a deeper level. Out of this place of friendship, it was time to make a commitment, to become a family and to walk alongside the nation to seek God for the transformation of the country.

Then Hany had a second dream. In the dream, there were Czech citizens gathering in an assembly room. During the meeting, different people would raise their hands to express complaints and grievances about things that were going wrong in the nation. “The Germans are controlling our economy,” “There is corruption in our government,” “We are the least evangelized nation on the planet….” On and on the complaints went. Interestingly, however, the leader responded to each complaint in the same way: “It’s a new day!” he replied with joy each time, infusing the room with hope.

Hany realized that the leader was the Lord Jesus Christ Himself and His power and presence flooded over him as he realized that Jesus had revealed the message that He is declaring over Czechia: “It’s a new day!”

As Hany has travelled around the nation, sharing God’s declaration with Czech friends, more people have heard the dream and it has resonated with many hearts. Several leaders and faithful believers in the nation have shared how God had also spoken to them about this New Day in Czechia. God is confirming all across the country that we are in God’s kairos time, the time in which he desires to remain.

In light of the 400 years since the battle on White Mountain, this is a significant time in Czech history in which God is turning the tide, removing the curse that was brought by centuries of betrayal, conflict, and strife. In a similar fashion to the way God delivered Israel after they had been enslaved for 400 years, so too, this is the end of era of spiritual captivity and oppression for Czechia, and for the beginning of an era of freedom and blessings.

With a longing for the New Day in Czechia, in the past year, a national family has developed consisting of people from all over the nation, both Catholics and Evangelicals and from all generations. This national family of Czech leaders, intercessors, worshippers, and lovers of God have, together, been seeking God about how to bring transformation in our land. Step by step God is leading us and revealing His heart for healing.

As the body of Christ, we have some tidying up to do in preparation for our King. In the spirit of Joel 2, we are blowing the trumpet that it is time to come together to stand before God and embrace His prescription for healing the nations: “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land” (2 Chron 7.14). It is our responsibility, as God’s people, and as representatives of the nation, to lean into our Lord’s heart to hear His voice and, together, do what He says. This is how we prepare the way for Him to come and stay. As Jesus said in John 14.23, “…Anyone who loves me will obey my teaching. My Father will love them and we will come to them and make our home with them.”

Czechia, this is the day of your visitation!

This is a call to each and every lover of God to gather with us in Prague on Friday and Saturday, September 18 and 19, to stand as a nation and seek God; to minister to Him and follow His lead so that he can bring healing and transformation to Czechia. May we do our part to prepare a nation worthy to be called His inheritance!

It is a New Day! He is coming to remain and to usher in a new normal, a Kingdom reign in our land so that we may truly become the inheritance of our Lord Jesus Christ.