National Intercessors

This team has been working within Czechia, it's a New Day for four years.

We meet regularly once a week for prayer on Zoom and occasionally in person. We have great relationships and help, support and love each other. This climate of close intimate relationships is the source of power and strength of this group.

Our job is to guard individual people and leaders within the movement and to intercede on national level. We have been involved in every gathering organized by the movement. Currently, the Lord has positioned us to intercede for the government, our nation and other nations. God is revealing His heart for the nations to us and we feel that to understand this is a part of our national heritage.
We also seek to build cooperation with the Slovak intercessors, our fraternal chamber of the renewed heart of Europe.

We believe that the Lord has preserved watchman's and intercession ministry as a precious treasure in this nation, our national heirloom. We continue the work and ministry of many precious generations who prayed for the nations and reached them with the good news of the Son of God and His salvation. We proudly carry on this heritage.

Since 2022, many of our team members also serve as leaders and tutors at the newly founded National School for Watchmen and Intercessors. We feel that the Lord is raising up his watchmen and intercessors at this time, seeking men and women who will guard our nation with Him and intercede in the spirit of sonship. The School's goal is also to connect the individual watchmen and intercessors and their groups in the nation. For effective guarding and intercession we need to know each other and work together .

We are also learning to discern the revelations given by the Lord and to interpret and apply them correctly. For this purpose we started to gather revelations on national level. We work with many brothers and sisters across denominations on this project and believe that this collaboration is one of the fruits of the New Day.

God is amazing, doing many great things in our nation. We are privileged to see it, to be a part of it and to cooperate with Him.

Eva Vaclavíková, National Intercession Team Leader

We bless you all in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.We bless your heart,your soul,your family, your comingand going, your work and the fruit of your life. May God graciously bless our nation to step intoour heritageand knowledgeof our identityand to fulfillGod's plans for us.