Hany Soryal's personal story


As a young Coptic Christian growing up in Cairo, Egypt, Hany Soryal was influenced by a monk who wrote books that had an emblem of a lamb with a chalice on it. Unbeknown to him at the time, this was the symbol of the Moravian brothers. This same monk was used by God in 1991 to ignite a revival in Egypt, during which Hany experienced a profound outpouring of the Holy Spirit. 

Shortly after this revival, he moved to Canada where in 1998, he had a face-to-face encounter with our Lord Jesus. Since that time, he has had desire to serve God and His people. For years he served the Lord as an itinerant minister and as the pastor of a small community, to love, encourage, train and equip the Lord's family to discern God's voice and His ways, and to follow Him with their whole hearts. Hany was part of Morningstar ministries (Rick Joyner) from 1999 to 2001 then Streams Ministries (John Paul Jackson) from 2001 to 2004.

In 2004, the Lord began to show Hany and Jeannie, his wife, His love for the nations and He commissioned them to focus on the healing of Québec, the heart of Canada. After four years of labour across the province, in 2008, they saw a miraculous transformation of the political landscape in the Canadian government as a result of addressing Quebec's historical wounds of betrayal, abandonment and the orphan heart. Through this experience, they learned that it is the privilege and responsibility of God's people to bring healing, restoration, and transformation to their nations.

In the fall of 2014, the Lord connected Hany to Czechia through divine encounters with Moravian Christians and shortly thereafter instructed them to move to Moravian Falls, North Carolina, USA. They did not, at that time, know the history of Czechia. However, the Lord opened the door for them to live in a lovely home, strategically placed at the top of the highest mountain in the region. The address of the home was 1621 — the very date (unbeknownst to them at the time) of the beheading of the 27 Czech lords, which was so significant in the history of Czechia.

Their time on that mountain was the hardest of their lives. In many ways, it seemed the Lord permitted them — in a micro way — to prophetically experience many of the betrayals that Czechia has experienced as a nation. They were placed there like watchmen to pray. It was as if they lived in the Czechia by extension, in the Spirit — though they did not understand this at the time.

During a visit to Czechia in 2015, Hany was walking through a museum in Moravia and saw the same emblem he had grown up with, the lamb and the chalice. He thought this was an Egyptian symbol and asked how this Egyptian influence came all the way to this small town in Moravia. 

His Moravian friends shared with him that this emblem originated with the Moravians and it is also carved into the tomb of Count Zinzendorf in Herrnhut. It was then that things began to click more deeply for Hany that his whole life continued to connect him to the nation of Czechia. The monk that he read books by and was impacted by, was actually influenced and blessed by the Moravian people. Hany's destiny is, again and again, confirmed to be linked to the Czech people. 

In the years since the Soryal's moved to Moravian Falls, they have had the joy and privilege of getting to know many fine leaders in Czechia. During this time, the Lord has impressed upon them that Europe is in crisis and that He considers Czechia and Slovakia to be two chambers of the heart of Europe. This is significant to the Soryal's as they had already seen God bring transformation to a whole nation by first bringing healing to its heart. God has a plan for Europe that begins with Czechia.

After building friendships in Czechia for a couple years, Hany had a dream where God was asking him to commit to the nation on a deeper level. Out of this place of friendship, it was time to make a commitment, to become a family and to walk alongside the nation to seek God for the transformation of the country.

Then Hany had a second dream. In the dream, there were Czech citizens gathering in an assembly room. During the meeting, different people would raise their hands to express complaints and grievances about things that were going wrong in the nation. "The Germans are controlling our economy," "There is corruption in our government," "We are the least evangelized nation on the planet…." On and on the complaints went. Interestingly, however, the leader responded to each complaint in the same way: "It's a new day!" he replied with joy each time, infusing the room with hope.

Hany realized that the leader was the Lord Jesus Christ Himself and His power and presence flooded over him as he realized that Jesus had revealed the message that He is declaring over Czechia: "It's a new day!"

As Hany has travelled around the nation, sharing God's declaration with Czech friends, more people have heard the dream and it has resonated with many hearts. Several leaders and faithful believers in the nation have shared how God had also spoken to them about this New Day in Czechia. Gradually, a family called Czechia, It's a New Day was formed, which continued to create this movement.