Blessing of the Waters


As the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is also the watershed of European waters. The Klepý Hill (in the Králický Sněžník mountain range) is officially recognized as the watershed of European rivers. We are the roof of Europe.

The group of national intercessors and other brothers and sisters feel that now is an important time for blessing and healing the waters of our beautiful country: blessing the springs, wells, rivers, confluences and bodies of water.

  • Come to the waters and springs of the earth. Release the sound from heaven that I will give you for specific places: singing, words, instrument tones, crying, trumpeting...
  • You will be led to particular places by my Spirit. A new song will be sung, a song of renewal and life.
  • You will be my mouth, you will speak blessing and life to the waters and they will carry it on.
  • Purify the waters through my word and through my blood and consecrate them for me. They will be purified and carry the blessing.
  • The waters are the arteries of my Spirit, the thoroughfares. If my word and consecration flow through them, they will no longer bring waste. They will be healed.
  • Bring my song, give me praise. As sons of God, whom the whole creation, which has been given over to futility, looks out for (cf. Rom. 8:19-21).

This is an initiative conducted in the Czech language and mostly involves Czech intercessors. However if you would like to know more or get involved, contact us at for more information.