France, Lyon


After the Hungarian-Czech School of Prayer and Worship through Movement, Petra went on to Lyon, France from 31 July to 3 August 2023. On this occassion she traveled alone.

This trip was not easy. It was preceded by a week in Hungary, where Petra stood in an apostolic role at Glory Camp (Hungarian-Czech School of Prayer and Worship through Movement). On the way to France, she had an car accident but the participatin in yet another Identity school in Lyon was all the more pleasant and warm for it. The school focuses on human spirit, soul, body and mutual cooperation betweeen participant. School teachers and leaders Sodapop Ch. and Christine Jeanville not only create a loving atmosphere, but also model discipleship and collaboration through their lives.

Thanks to friends who helped with translation, Petra was able to deliver a word for Sweden and the dancers from that country were very touched by it.

Enjoy the atmosphere for yourself from the photos.

They show strengthening of our international relations... In the restaurant we prayed for healing of the waitress, which touched her very much. On the way to dinner, we spontaneously danced in front of the mall and 2 girls started asking us questions... we shared the gospel with them and gave them the full address of the local church. Thank God for his work.

The last photo is from the final day, a dinner at the Auguste and Louis Lumière cinema. These brothers played a key role in the history of cinema and photography. As inventors of the cinematograph, they made the first public film screenings in Paris in 1895. In addition to cinema, the two brothers were also involved in other fields such as sound, mechanics and medical research.

In 1882, the Lumières opened their own factory for photographic plates, papers and chemicals on the outskirts of Lyon. This became the largest photographic factory in all of Europe by the mid-1890s (source: wikipedia)

A little testimony from Petra:

After the final dinner I felt that we should go dancing in the gazebo by the cinema. The dance touched the heart of a passerby who was also a dancer. He shared that he had problems with his leg, we prayed for him and his leg was healed. His friend also came for prayer for his leg and was also healed. The third person who was watching also received healing and words of knowledge from me. All three men were amazed at Jesus' power. They let us bless them and we believe that God will continues to work in their lives.