God's Design for Life-Giving Families


Seminar Fees: 700 CZK single entry
1000 CZK - married couple/family

Prague Tyrannus Hall, Stoliňská 41b. Prague 9

Join us for an enriching seminar, "God's Design for Life-Giving Families," where we explore the spiritual and practical aspects of building a family that resonates with the heart of Yahweh. In this seminar, you will:

  • Develop Unity: Discover how a man and wife can jointly reflect God's thoughts and emotions, strengthening not just their bond, but the entire family.
  • Cultivate Peace: Learn to transform your home into a sanctuary of peace, establishing a resilient foundation for both adults and children to impact the world positively.
  • Develop A Shared Reality: Engage in enriching dialogue, collaborative tasks, and intimate connection, nurturing your children according to their divine purpose and harmoniously integrating with your extended family and faith community.

Through guided exercises, you'll gain hands-on experience and spiritual insight into:

  • Envisioning Success: Dialogue about the potential within your spouse and children, visualizing their success and happiness.
  • Crafting Blessings: Learn to create and impart blessings in Jesus' Name to affirm and encourage growth and development within your family.
  • Promoting Peace: Share and shape your vision of peace within the home, fostering an environment where every member feels cherished and secure.
  • Fostering Christian Fellowship: Discuss and define what a fellowship characterized by peace and love looks like, and how to embody these values.
  • Understanding Maturity: Delve into what maturity means for both men and women from a Christian perspective and choose personal growth paths to receive blessings for success.
  • Guiding Affection: Explore the ways to express Christian physical affection appropriately, ensuring that it aligns with the values of respect and purity.

This seminar is a journey toward creating a vibrant, life-giving family structure rooted in faith and love. Whether you're laying the foundations of a new family or strengthening the bonds of an established one, you'll leave with a renewed sense of purpose and practical steps to embody God's design for family life. Join us as we come together to build legacies of peace, joy, and divine love that will resonate through generations.