Martin and Sharon Van Horn - Living a Lifestyle the Way God Designed Us


This training will take place on Saturday 2.12. 2023

10:00 - 19:00 (with a break for lunch) in Prague

Please register as soon as possible, 30 November at the latest


  • How to overcome powerlessness and oppression?
  • How to be empowered to walk in dominion and be released into the deep flow of joy?
  • What We Can Learn from Leviathan:

The concept of Leviathan has spawned an immense number of legends, in the church as well as on the dark side. There are seven heads of Leviathan that are correlated to the seven principles: Design, Authority, Responsibility, Cause and Effect, Stewardship, Freedom and Fulfillment.

This is not specifically an issue of deliverance. There is a lifestyle cause if we have one or more of the seven negative heads operating in our lives. There is a lifestyle change that will bring about the power of the positive heads.

The seven heads of Leviathan deal with nature and are the following: light, weather, life, time, sound, motion and essence.

The most familiar head is the fifth head which deals with sound and all its ramifications in communications. There are people who are rarely misunderstood. There are others who live in a world of misunderstanding. There are those who have a fairly normal relationship with their electronic equipment. There are others whose equipment breaks down with monotonous regularity.

These are fruit issues related to the negative or positive heads of Leviathan. At the end of the day, God did not design us to be powerless. Powerlessness and oppression rob us of our joy. When we are walking in dominion over these areas, there is deep, pervasive joy.

We will probably also cover other topics as the Holy Spirit leads.

The cost is 700 CZK - please pay together with the registration form to our account 2201807934/2010 with your name and "God Designed Lifestyle Course" in the comment.

Refreshments will be provided.